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Zinc Nasal Gel May Kill Your Sense of Smell

According to the calendar, those of us who live in the northern hemisphere should be well into spring. For some of us, that means a couple of feet of snow or inches of rain. Nasty bud-killing frosts aside, sunny California is…well, you know, sunny. Either way, the viciousness of this winter’s colds is still haunting many and the misery of spring’s allergies has taken over our noses and eyes.

I thought I’d take this moment to remind all my fellow bloggers, reviewers, judges, vintners, winos, and everyone else – DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PUT ANY COLD REMEDY CONTAINING ZINC INTO YOUR NOSE!!! There is a medically documented possibility that applying topical zinc through one’s nasal membranes can cause temporary or permanent loss of one’s sense of smell – Anosmia.

Yes, gentle reader. I said using the only ingredient in over-the-counter remedies that has been proven to lessen the symptoms and duration of the common cold may incapacitate your schnozz. Zinc may halt your honker. Zinc may prejudice your proboscis. Zinc may bust your beak. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, that anatomical implement which allows us to enjoy that which has brought us together this day in cyberspace is in grave peril! My friends, the organ with which we unravel the mysteries of the universe as presented by the “Fruit of the Vine, Work of Human Hands” is endangered by an ordinary cold remedy. Simply put: you may no longer be able to smell your wine.

This has been batted around the medical journals and courts for years. Many of you may already avoid topical zinc for this reason. There is only a chance that use may cause this catastrophic result. But WHY RISK IT?

These are just five citations of the many that draw attention to this:






If you can’t imagine your life without sticking your nose in a glass of wine, find another way to unstuff your nose!



  noble pig wrote @

Hey, thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t seen this study. I am already slightly anosmic to TCA and I don’t need that to get any worse!

And yes the allergies in Northern California right now are just ridiculous.

  lia wrote @

My doctor has verified this. He has two patients who are part of the class action lawsuit against Zicam, and apparently Zicam won’t even put a warning on their label. I used to be addicted to the stuff, but I stopped using it about a year and a half ago because of this.

Great seeing you at the library the other day!

  thomas wrote @

They have strong armed zicam there has been no science supporting smell taste damage I personally know of 4 people who lost the smell and taste from a virus they never used zicam. a few hundred people may well be under the normal percentage of people with loss just due to the virus alone this product works and I will make my own if necessary when my supply runs out.

Junk sience

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